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    That wasn t a very nice birthday gift I gave you, was it? Well, you re not going to get them unless you settle down and get married.

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    He frowned, unable to remember the last time someone smiled at him like that, as if his life was of any worth. There would be hell to pay when he went home.
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  • You need a man who is secure, who 11 Ruth Ann Nordin has a strong work ethic, and who acts like an adult. He d never known of a mortal to be able to summon him or one such as him before.
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  • His shoes crunched lightly on the shingles as he walked around the peak of the roof to the back of the house where that delicious sensation lured him.
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  • Jason read his meaning, the girl was his. where are you going? Does she know about your er Fred wasn t sure how to say it.
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  • He directed his attention back to Elsa with her long glorious legs stretched out in front of her. She took a deep breath at the sight of him in the bright light of the day that reflected through the same large window that Emily was peeping through the night before.

    After all of these centuries, you still act more human than the race itself. With one last look at her as she pulled the thread through the eye of the needle, he promised, I ll get you another best friend as soon as I save the money.
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    He effortlessly turned her head sideways, exposing the skin at the nape of her neck. Is he I mean He smiled and answered her awkward question, Yes, he is.

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    No one does this sort of thing .good God is this a Garavani skirt?

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  • We re going to have a son and name him Paul. He walked up beside her and set the pillow on the bed.
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    Exposição “Encarnadas” por Neide CPinto

    As imagens, que serão mostradas foram produzidas na técnica de macro fotografia, e exploram as possibilidades do olhar sobre elementos do cotidiano. O que se vê é a imagem de um legume cortado ao meio. Ao atravessar as lentes da câmera fotográfica, porém, o legume transforma-se em corpo, em organismo, produzindo imagens cheias de reentrâncias, que questionam a matéria de que nós humanos somos feitos. Penetrar nas entranhas deste pimentão é descobrir toda a suntuosidade das formas da natureza.

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  • She feared it was only a matter of time before she broke down and did it unless she managed to find a way out of this sticky predicament.
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    He gave her an expression that told her he didn t understand what she was talking about, when if fact, he knew more than she wanted him to.

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  • Servants took their coats and Charlotte's muff in the front foyer, and they were swept into a parlor where they were promptly surrounded by a massive crowd of guests. Although he already knew, he wanted her to ask him, What do you want Celeste?
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    Neide CPinto

    Neide CPinto

    A possibilidade inverter a realidade, criar novas formas, construir sentidos múltiplos, que manteve o interesse neste estudo, é uma história iniciada no ano 2005 no projeto da oficina de Desenho- Atelier Livre PMPA, chamado “O terraço de minha casa”. A fotografia, que era usada como referência, foi se transformando no principal veículo de expressão. A necessidade de permanecer em casa gerou a continuidade deste projeto, levando a buscar novas formas de olhar focadas no interior, nas entranhas; um olhar que busca desvelar a riqueza e as sofisticadas estruturas escondidas embaixo da casca de frutas e legumes.

    Frequento o Atelier Livre da Prefeitura de Porto Alegre desde o ano de 2004, desenvolvendo atualmente atividades em oficina de Pintura e Grupo de Estudos em Fotografia; e participo do Foto Clube Paralelo 30 desde a sua fundação.

    Abertura: 4 de agosto às 19h
    Local: Local: T Cultura Tereza Franco. Av. Loureiro de Silva, 255 - Porto Alegre/RS
    De: 4 a 22 de agosto de 2008


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